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Bishop Schneider: priests must resist pressure on Communion for remarried

Bishop Schneider said that priests should 'lovingly and respectfully' tell their superiors that they cannot abandon the Church's perennial teaching

Catalan bishops call for calm as Spain cracks down on independence vote

Protests are becoming increasingly angry after Spain declared a forthcoming independence vote illegal

Bishop Schneider: priests must resist pressure on Communion for remarried

Bishop Schneider said that priests should ‘lovingly and respectfully’ tell their superiors that they cannot abandon the Church’s perennial teaching

French cardinal in court on charges of not reporting historical abuse

The Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Barbarin, will attend court, alongside six other priests

Bishop pleads for aid after ‘serious disaster’ of Mexico earthquake

Bishop Castro said there is a ‘great deal of solidarity, thank God, but it is not enough’

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A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

SSPX prevented from celebrating Mass at Knock Shrine

Authorities stopped them celebrating Mass on Shrine property as they are in an ‘irregular canonical relationship’ with the Church

Film starring Pope Francis to get first showing at Vatican

The Pope stars as himself in Beyond the Sun, a film about children searching for God

Mexican bishops offer prayers for earthquake victims

Over 200 people have died in the 7.1 magnitude quake

Morning Catholic must-reads: 20/09/17

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Pope Francis creates new Pontifical Institute for marriage and family

The new John Paul II Pontifical Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences will replace the original organisation founded in 1981

Attacks on Fr James Martin show a ‘cancer’ within the US Church, says bishop

Bishop McElroy accused critics of ‘homophobia’ and distorting Church teaching

Fr James Martin disputes Cafod statement on lecture cancellation

Fr Martin said he cancelled his trip only after Cafod had decided to postpone the lecture


How Angela Merkel and Pope Francis are reshaping the world

The Pope and the chancellor want a more ‘humanised’ globalism. But could this backfire?

Cardinal Sarah says we shouldn’t pray with our phones. I’m not so sure

There are risks, but many Catholics find electronic devices helpful

My visit to the scene of a martyrdom

The room where Fr Stanley Rother was killed is a spine-tinglingly holy place

Why Hollywood turned against Catholic priests

Once they were heroes; now filmmakers depict them as bitter men

Vulnerable young people: victims of the sexual revolution

Authorities turned a blind eye in Rotherham because they thought the relationships might be ‘consensual’

Could Russia abandon Syria? It’s happened before

Russia wants us to think Syria is returning to normality. The reality is somewhat different.

In the US, even the left love Rees-Mogg

Even a left-wing public radio station is enthralled by this ‘son of a lord’ who ‘sounds like a character out of Downton Abbey’

The Church still hasn’t worked out the full implications of immigration

‘Welcoming the stranger’ sounds good in principle, but can be very challenging in practice

Was Jesus ever ignorant of his mission? That just isn’t Catholic doctrine

Authoritative teaching, and the words of the saints, demonstrate that Christ always knew his mission was universal

Among 20th Century Jesuits, two heroic holy men stand out

Frs Rupert Mayer and Walter Ciszek were heroic, holy men, who suffered greatly for their witness to their priestly vocation

Stop teaching our children lazy anti-Catholic myths

Textbooks are distorting medieval history and ignoring the era’s rich Catholic culture

The new liturgical rules will benefit rich countries over poor ones

Only wealthy countries have the resources to take full advantage of Magnum Principium