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Circus trapezists perform for Pope

Trapezists perform for Pope Benedict XVI at his weekly general audience

Three Anglican nuns at Walsingham have left their community after expressing interest in joining a personal ordinariate

Government is scrambling to build 10ft-high barriers to stop a repeat of the Baghdad massacre in October

Spokesman says ‘apologies are not enough’ after commission receives nearly 2,000 claims of clerical sexual abuse since 1945

Print edition 10.12.10

Much of The Catholic Herald’s content – letters, reviews, news, extra comment and features – is not available online. This week, Vatican correspondent Edward Pentin reports on the Pope’s choice of nuncio for Britain; Fr James Hanvey continues his series of Advent reflections; and Mary O’Regan argues that Ireland should have listened to John Paul II before joining the euro. Plus, Simon Caldwell praises the new Narnia film, and Jack Carrigan reviews Light of the World, Peter Seewald’s interview with Benedict XVI. Pastor Juventus, meanwhile, considers donning a sandwich board for Advent.

Ronald Lauder has private audience with Benedict XVI

The co-prince of the tiny European country has audience with Pontiff

Vatican would ‘encourage’ international support for non-binding Copenhagen Accord, according to leaked US cable

Donal McMahon meets a towering figure from his schooldays who eventually left teaching to become a parish priest

St Maria di Rosa (December 15) founded the Handmaids of Charity and died at the age of 42, exhausted by her good works